Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Witches, Doughnuts and the Wig

Ok, here we go with some more pics. We had Carnival (Pust) last few days. It's like Halloween in America... well, similar - with costumes and trick-or-treats, but without pumpkins :).
It's a traditional Carnival when kids (and some grown ups who still have a kid inside!) dress in different customes and go around to get some candies. In the past it was an event with a purpose to scare winter away. Hope that works nowadays as well as I am sick of this cold weather!

We were witches, again! Nina went to school dressed like on the first pic. Well, Lin, who would be just apropriate companion of such a cute little witch, had to stay at home. I just wore wig at work and changed clothes before I picked up Nina at school. Of course I was the only parent in a costume, but I'm already used to that! We went around for a while and then ended up in my parents house, after we visited all the neighbours there. We got a whole bag of candies so Nina was rather pleased.

My mum baked our traditional doughnuts, which have to be baked during Carnival. Well, we're weird family so our doughnuts are not really traditionaly decorated with sugar :). And these dougnuts were so delicious!! Yummie! On the right pic is my dad - enjyoing, as you can see!

Ohh, and the wig. That's my new wig I bought for this year. Left pic was taken at work, my co-workers had a lot of fun watching me with long hair and trying this wig. My mum couldn't resist putting it on later as well. I have to admit she looks good with long hair; when she was much younger, she used to have hair about that long while my hair had always been rather short... or very short :). This color looks pretty good; perhaps I should consider changing my hair color from black to brown or red. We'll see...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Playing With Beads And Wires

Beside shopping and sorting things I have had some time to play with the beads this week. I used some of the polymer clay beads that I had left. I'm finding new possibilities every time I do something and now I have head full of ideas how to make even better things.

Nina's coming home today in a few hours, so we will be back to normal again - with not enough time for everything I would like to do. I wish I could make a living with playing with clay and beads and colors and other stuff. That would be like a dream come true. Oh well... I'm not giving up... maybe someday, who knows!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Shopping And Sorting

Now, don't these two boxes look great? I'm very pleased with the result because I was able to put in all kind of stuff that was lying around and I was really spending far too much time for searching for different things. It was about time to do some
sorting and replacing and organizing there. Now everything is in one place. Well, two, to be exact! One box is just for polymer clay and another one for beads. I have all that sorted this way for few days now and it is just perfect, no more piles of different material on my desk, now I can take out only the things I need for working!

I also sorted some of the beads and small pieces into these cute boxes (bought in fisher's shop!) and they are great because they are pretty small. I have beads in about 5 more boxes like these, but they are much bigger. I'll probably buy few more and replace all of them.

Here are the things I bought in last few days... things I don't really need but I like them all and most of them will come handy sometimes, I'm sure. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more beads... but I broke that promise again! I just can't help myself!!!

On the left pic you can see paper laces that I bought today. It's a new technique for creating all kind of decorations and I'm not really sure yet how this works, but I saw a beautiful butterfly pendant made by my friend the other day and it really looks amazing! I need to try that... I guess that's what I'll be doing tomorrow!

And on the right pic you can see wonderful vintage postcards I got the other day from Russia. Thanks a lot, Andreja! I really love them - and so does our cat Lin, as you can see! :) I'll make sure to give few of these postcards back... just in a little different form! ;)

No Title For This One

What to write when you have no idea what to write about? And when you're so sleepy that you can't even think? I know, you would say that I haven't written in weeks, so why do I need to write right now? Well, it's because I have some free time at work; I'm too sleepy and too tired to work but I can't go home yet. Which is rather cruel, isn't it? They should let me go home and have a rest - that way I would work much better tomorrow! :) Oh, right, tomorrow is Saturday and I don't work; which is a rather nice thought.

I'm trying to figure out what should I do first when I come home. Oh, by the way, Nina is with her dad this week. The kids have holidays and she went skiing to BadKleinkirchkeim (I'm sure I misspelled this name, but I will not check it now), Austria with him. I remember skiing there years ago - the people in the travel agency told us there's enough snow for skiing, but when we have arrived there were cows pasturing on the hills where the ski slopes should be!! There was almost no snow at all! We were driving 30 km every day to come to the place which actually had a snow on the ski slopes (I forgot the name of the place) and there were few really tough runs so we all enjoyed anyway.

So, what to do when I got home? I bought 2 big tool boxes - one for polymer clay and the other one for the beads. I sorted some of the things in these boxes and it looks great. Now I have to sort other things somehow as well, other material like napkins, glue, paint, decoupage paper and prints, sea shells, clay,... I should do that because I spend too much time searching for things. I have to make a necklace for my mum (she wants pink!!!! - but necklaces I have now are not good enough for her because she wants dirty pink... did I say the other day that I hate pink? Dirty pink, light pink or pink pink - it's still pink and I really don't like it at the moment!! :)) ). I should make another necklace and bracelet for mum's friend. Oh, and some kind of spring flower, 3 easter eggs and another easter gift - for swaps. I must go to the library and return the books. I have to stop by at friends house to pick up some colors she got for me,... It's good I always have so many things to do... it's never boring. One day I would like to lay on my couch in front of tv and spend all the afternoon and evening that way! Why don't I do that when I have time, you ask? Oh, come on, don't be silly - I can't afford to do that at all, there are too many things that need to be done - I have to finish necklaces, write emails, chat with my friends,... Am I spending too much time sitting in front of the computer? Ohhh, yes, I do!

a: No wonder you can't do everything you want!
b: What do you mean?
a: Well, you spend far too much time sitting infront of the computer!!
b: So what, I like it?!
a: Of course you like it, you're addicted!
b: Even if I am... I still do a lot of things!
a: You do, but not as much as you would without a computer!
b: I can't help myself, I have to check if there's any email for me or if there's someone online waiting for me!
a: But you're doing that far too often!!
b: You know my inbox is full all the time, and there's forum I need to check constantly,...
a: Excuses!! And another inbox, right?
b: Yeah, right! So what?
a: And you want to convince me it has nothing to do with FB?
b: Well, it does, I admit.
a: You're addicted!!!
b: Maybe...
a: You're addicted and that's the fact - and you're in love!
b: Yes I am... can you shut up now, please, and let me go back to my email?!?

a = voice No. 1 in my head
b = voice No. 2 in my head

Btw, I don't have a multiple personality disorder (at least not that I know of!) but I do talk to myself - I like to have conversation with smart, wise and witty people, so I'm just the right person :))))! Is that strange? Do you do that as well?

Oh well, that's it for now. I'll be back later with some pics of my cute tool boxes and other things!! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pride Čas...


V tvojem življenju pride čas, ko končno dojameš ... Ko se, sredi vseh svojih strahov in svoje norosti, nenadoma ustaviš na mestu in glas nekje v tvoji glavi zakriči ... DOVOLJ!
Dovolj bojevanja in joka in obtoževanja in mučenja, da bi se obdržal.

Nato si, kot otrok, ki se umiri po izbruhu, obrišeš solze in začneš na svet gledati z drugačnimi očmi.

To je tvoje prebujenje.

Zaveš se, da je čas, da prenehaš upati in čakati, da se bo nekaj spremenilo ter da se bosta sreča in varnost čudežno pojavili na obzorju.

Zaveš se, da v resničnem svetu ni vedno pravljičnih koncev.

Prebudiš se v dejstvo, da nisi popoln in da te ne bo vsakdo vedno ljubil, cenil ali odobraval tega, kdo ali kaj si ... In to je v redu. Pravico imajo do lastnih pogledov in mnenj.

Naučiš se, kako pomembno je ljubiti in spodbujati sebe ... In v procesu se skozi samosprejemanje rodi na novo najdeno zaupanje.

Prenehaš se pritoževati in kriviti druge ljudi za stvari, ki so ti jih naredili – ali ki jih niso naredili zate –, ter se naučiš, da je edina stvar, s katero lahko računaš, nepredvidljivo.

Naučiš se, da ljudje ne govorijo vedno tega, kar mislijo, in da ne mislijo vedno tega, kar govorijo, ter da ne bo vedno vsakdo tu zate in da ni vedno vse o tebi.

Tako se naučiš postaviti zase in poskrbeti sam zase ... In v procesu se skozi zanašanje nase rodi občutek varnosti.

Prenehaš obsojati in kazati s prstom ter pričneš sprejemati ljudi take, kot so, ter se naučiš spregledati njihove pomanjkljivosti in človeške spodrsljaje ... In tako se skozi odpuščanje rodi občutek miru in zadovoljstva.

Naučiš se odpreti novim svetovom in drugačnim pogledom. Na novo prevrednotiš in na novo opredeliš, kdo si in za kaj se resnično zavzemaš.

Naučiš se razlike med hoteti in potrebovati, ter pričneš opuščati doktrine in vrednote, ki si jih prerasel ali ki jih nikoli sploh ne bi smel ponotranjiti.

Naučiš se, da sta moč in slava v ustvarjanju in prispevanju, in prenehaš manevrirati skozi življenje samo kot »potrošnik«, ki išče naslednji objekt.

Naučiš se, da načela, kakršni sta poštenost in integriteta, niso zastareli ideali minule ere, temveč malta, ki drži skupaj temelje, na katerih si moraš zgraditi življenje.

Naučiš se, da ne veš vsega, da ni tvoje delo rešiti svet, ter da ne moreš naučiti prašiča peti. Naučiš se, da je edini križ, ki ga moraš nositi, tisti, ki si ga izbereš, ter da mučenike zažgejo na grmadi.

Nato se učiš o ljubezni. Naučiš se gledati na razmerja, kot dejansko so, ne kot bi ti rad, da bi bila. Naučiš se, da sam ne pomeni osamljen.

Prenehaš se truditi, da bi nadzoroval ljudi, situacije in izide. Naučiš se ločevati med krivdo in odgovornostjo ter se zaveš pomembnosti postavljanja mej in učenja, naučiš se reči NE.

Prav tako se prenehaš tako zelo truditi, da bi dal svoja čustva na stran, da bi zgladil stvari in zanemarjal svoje potrebe.

Naučiš se, da je tvoje telo resnično tvoj tempelj. Začneš skrbeti zanj in se z njim ukvarjati s spoštovanjem. Pričneš z uravnoteženo prehrano, piješ več vode in si vzameš več časa za gibanje.

Naučiš se, da utrujenost spodbuja dvom, strah in negotovost, zato si vzameš več časa za počitek. In kot je hrana gorivo za telo, smeh polni dušo. Zato si vzameš več časa za smeh in igro.

Naučiš se, da v življenju večinoma dobiš tisto, kar verjameš, da si zaslužiš, ter da je večina življenja resnično prerokba, ki se izpolnjuje.

Naučiš se, da se je za vredne stvari vredno potruditi ter da je želeti, da bi se nekaj zgodilo, nekaj drugega kot delati v smeri, da bi to naredil.

Kar je še bolj pomembno, naučiš se, da potrebuješ za to, da bi dosegel uspeh, smer, disciplino in vztrajnost. Naučiš se tudi, da nihče ne more vsega narediti sam, ter da je v redu tvegati in prositi za pomoč.

Naučiš se, da je edina stvar, ki se je moraš resnično bati, strah sam. Naučiš se stopiti naravnost v in skozi svoje strahove, ker veš, da lahko preneseš vse, kar se bo zgodilo, ter da se z vdajo strahu odpoveš pravici živeti življenje pod lastnimi pogoji.

Naučiš se boriti za svoje življenje in ne zapravljati ga živeč pod oblakom viseče obsodbe.

Naučiš se, da življenje ni vedno pošteno, da ne dobiš vedno tistega, kar misliš, da si zaslužiš, ter da se včasih slabe stvari zgodijo nič hudega slutečim, dobrim ljudem ... In naučiš se, da tega ne vzameš vedno osebno.

Naučiš se, da te nihče ne kaznuje ter da vse ni vedno krivda nekoga. Je samo življenje, ki se dogaja. Naučiš se priznati, ko nimaš prav, ter graditi mostove namesto zidov.

Naučiš se, da morajo biti negativna čustva, kot so jeza, zavidanje in zamera, razumljena in preusmerjena, ali pa bodo zadušila življenje v tebi in zastrupila vesolje, ki te obkroža.

Naučiš se biti hvaležen in najti zatočišče v številnih majhnih stvareh, ki jih jemljemo za same po sebi umevne, v stvareh, o katerih milijoni ljudi po svetu lahko samo sanjajo: poln hladilnik, čista tekoča voda, mehka topla postelja, dolga vroča prha.

Nato začneš sam prevzemati odgovornost zase in obljubiš si, da se ne boš nikoli izdal ter da se ne boš nikoli, res nikoli, zadovoljil z manj, kot si želi tvoje srce.

Potrudiš se naprej smejati, še naprej zaupati in ostati odprt vsaki čudoviti možnosti.

Pred svojim oknom obesiš vetrne piščali, da lahko poslušaš veter.

Na koncu se, s pogumom v svojem srcu, odločiš, globoko vdihneš ter začneš oblikovati življenje, kakršnega želiš živeti in najbolje kot zmoreš.

Objavila Medvedek Pu na Skrinjici idej... Vsekakor vredno branja in razmisleka!! Hvala Pu!

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm Sick Of This Pink!

Yes, I really am sick of it. I must stop though I have quite some beads left. Dajana was here the other day, we chatted while I was putting together one of these necklaces (while she was "stealing" pieces of all the polymer clay canes I have left :)) ) and she said: "How can you work with this color for days? This is not you! This is not your color!".
Well, it isn't really, but I like the way this beads turned out. I would not wear those things though - but, after all, I'm not making them for myself. It's time I change color and perhaps make something for myself to wear.
I have to run now... to have a good time with my friends. Hope you're having a nice time as well. See you!

Monday, February 06, 2006

My latest creations (6)

Hello again...

... after quite some time. Thanks very much, Kenny, for reminding me I hve this blog here :). You're so sweet!

Ok, here are the pics of the things I've been doing lately. Polymer clay, of course. I work with Fimo because it's the only brand of polymer clay we can get here. I haven't tried other brands but Fimo works rather fine. Except transparent - I just can't figure it out. Perhaps I will after some more practicing. The results for now are just quite awful, so I'm not using it at all.

Anyway, first here are few sets of beads that I've made in last two weeks or so. I think they pretty neat, except the red/gold set which turned out too monotonous. I will try to combine it with more colourful beads and maybe I can actually make something with these beads as well. We'll see about that.

Not so good set of red beads on the left, and set of small plate beads for bracelet and necklace.

Beads after enamel finish on the left; on the right pendants from scrap clay... by-products, sort of :).

And some more pendants... the two on the right are finished, they just need to be put on something, I haven't decided yet what that would be.

Two of finished necklaces... I just love these beads, I really think they turned out really good. By the way, I was working with pink on request; my friend wants to have a necklace in such color, so I started with these pink beads.

And another two in pink.

Some of the canes I've made lately. Some were used for the bottles of hopes and some for beads.

My first try of caleidoscope cane on the left and sort of brain cane on the right.

And few more bottles of hope. I need to make few more till the end of this week!

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed your stay. I'll be back! :)