Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Cards

Few more cards from the first time I was making them. I don't have time for making new ones, my days are so busy all the time. Tomorrow I am going to vacation for one week, but I don't think I can make cards there, I guess I will just take beads and wire with me... and few books... and I can't wait!! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Aud Design Stamps

As I said, I got new stamps the other day from Aud Design. They are lovely! Yesterday I had some time and made these cards. I haven't tried all the stamps yet, for now just a few. Text on the first one is Clever Cut Stamp Away and beckground for the second one was made with Kaiserstamp, all other stamps used here are from Aud Design. And btw, I have a blister on my finger, from all that cutting! :) But it was worth it, I am pleased with the result.

Friday, April 20, 2007


That's my new obsession, stamping. And I just love it. Possibilities are endless and I am having a lot of fun making them.

First card: girl and wings/leaves - MyStamps from Australia (thanks again, Stu!), punched flowers with Rayhers glass beads.

Others: leaves - MyStamps, flower - Clever Cut Stamps Away, swirls - Tuscan Rose.

Slowly, my stamp collection is getting bigger. I still have them all unmouted, I have to figure out how I will solve this. I guess the best solution would be a cling foam for rubber stamps and then I can use them with acrylic block just like all the clear acrylic stamps I have. But first I have to see how long this obsession will last :).

Yesterday I got 2 sheets of unmouted stamps from Aud Design and I cut them yesterday, so today I can start playing with them. I just can't wait!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Clay, chain and wire

I was playing with beads that I had left and new chains I got recently. I've made few things, here are two necklaces. I think I spent more time with Photoshop work than with putting necklaces together :)

I also tried few things with clay the other day and these two pendants turned out best. I made few more, but they are not as nice as these. I was not trying much to make this technique work properly as I was too busy with making cards (stamping and scrapbooking), but more about that next time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sofa Pin Cushion

I've made this one for the Pin-Cushion-Swap. Since I don't really sew, I was kidding that I am going to make my pin cushion of polymer clay and of course the girls were laughing. When I was trying to find an idea for what to really make, I remembered what I've said and had to try it. Of course now I have quite a few other ideas for such cushion, but I guess I will forget about that before I find time to realize them. I am too busy with stamping, scrapbooking and card making lately. You'll see some of the things soon.

Polymer clay, stamped with rubber stamp; cushion is filled with fiberfill and glued to baked polymer clay.