Monday, March 13, 2006

Watching Movie Last Night

I was rather tired yesterday evening, so I was lying on my sofa and watching TV. That's how I fall asleep almost every day; sometime during the night I wake up and go to bed. Anyway, I've checked TV program earlier and I was looking forward to watch a Swedish movie. I love scandinavian movies; although I don't understand their languages I like the melodic sound of it and contents of the movies are usually interesting enough. Specially their comedy! Like Danish black comedy In China They Eat Dogs. I loved that one... well, I loved both parts. And swedish comedies like Yalla-Yalla or Kopps (Cops).

So, I'm lying on my sofa and waiting for a swedish movie to start. It started with the music...and then singing... in english! I'm a little disappointed because I wanted to hear swedish language but... well, that's fine, most of the music is in english nowadays, I will wait for another minute or two. Now we see the first scene - a girl is released from reformatory home. She starts to talk with someone. My ears are strained in anticipation of hearing nice melodic language - but all they can catch is English with rather bad accent. What the hell??? Ahhh, most probably this girl is in England and will return to Sweden now? Wrong! It was not quite so. It was just a dubbed movie - actors' lips were talking in Swedish language, voices were speaking English - and guess what? That's not all; there was another bonus - subtitles in our language! I couldn't watch that movie any longer, so I quit after few minutes and rather read a book instead...

I don't like dubbing at all; I prefer to watch movie in it's original language with subtitles in one of the languages I understand. Indian speaking German? Chinese speaking Italian? Swedish speaking English? Garfield speaking Slovenian? Oh, come on, that's too unnatural, even for a movie! :)

P.S. I remember watching first dubbed movie with Nina... it was few years ago and the movie was Stuart Little. Despite the fact it was very annoying for me to watch it, there was one advantage - parents didn't have to read subtitles to the kids, so it was rather cool anyway...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I think I have found a new addiction. I visited my parents on Sunday. My dad was solving a new kind of puzzles for some time now and mum was complaining that he does nothing but stares at his book with grids lately. I saw that grids filled with some numbers earlier, but it never really draw my attention. It did now. I was hooked as soon as my dad explained to me what it is all that about.

Sudoku - Su Doku - a placement puzzle. 9x9 grid made up of 3x3 subgrids. Various digits are given in some cells (it depends on the difficulty level) and the aim of this puzzle is to fill every cell in the grid - so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits from 1 through 9. These are the rules. No other rules. Guessing is out of the question, it would last too long... only logic works here.

There are probably different ways for finding right numbers or/and/with eliminating wrong ones... I think you figure them out as you do that puzzle and as you move from easy grid through medium to hard. Every Sudoku can be solved with just one possible solution - at least it should be - and if you take some time and let your brains do some work, you'll probably find it.

Want to play it online? You can do that on this site!

I think it's time I solve another one before I leave work! ;)

Monday, March 06, 2006


Usually I don't remember any of my dreams. It was a bit different today as I woke up with the image of rainbow in my head and a slight memory of my struggles to pull it out of the ground... I have no idea why would I want to do that - perhaps I wanted to take it home; or just turn it around. Or free it and let it go. I really don't know. But now I do know few things about rainbows I didn't know before: they have very strong colourless roots and they are attached to the ground with them - and I think it's impossible to pull them out with the bare hands. They're warm. They're very soft and your hands kind of slip into it; but you feel it and can actually hold it. It would be impossible to climb on one because they're too light. They produce some kind of a tune, but it's not like music, it's more like whispering, but it's not talking. Barely audible sound... very pleasant one. And colours of the rainbow are, of course, just amazing!

So, if you have ever wondered about how rainbow really looks like or how it would be to touch it, perhaps you have a slightly better picture now :).

P.S. Do you think I have watched too many episodes of "Lost" this weekend? :))